Order Count

Thank you for your support! It's people like you that make small businesses like us successful.

In saying that, because we are a small business we are not able to carry large amounts of stock so we have made some of our favourite products available by pre-order. This allows us to guarantee you get your favourite design in the size and color you want!

Here's how the Pre-Order process works: 

Pay in full and save 15% or make a partial payment at time of order and pay the balance in full once the design reaches 10 orders.

At any point prior to a design reaching the minimum order of 10, you can request a refund less a processing fee which goes to cover the finance charges that are charged by our credit card processing providers.

Once we receive a minimum 10 orders for a specific design we will fulfill all of the orders received to that point. We review orders for our designs every Sunday at 9:00PM and order the designs that have reached their minimum order of 10 and update the totals for each design.

We encourage you to reach out to your friends and family to help reach the minimum order.
Updated Order Count as of May 7, 2021.