My Brand Story

My name is Aidan Anderson, Founder of IN2R Clothing & Apparel. I was born and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

The concept of my IN2R brand comes from my passions growing up and my struggles with my mental health. I have severe anxiety and depression. At times, it prevents me from being that social and fun-loving kid I was growing up. IN2R is about living each day to the fullest and taking what ever it throws at you. It’s conquering challenges. It’s turning failures into learning experiences. It’s speaking up about your mental health and letting someone know how you’re feeling. Life is precious, don’t waste a moment.

I encourage you to speak up and get out into the world – hop on your bike, into your car, or whatever your favorite ride may be and go. Don’t worry about where you’re going, just enjoy the journey. With the constant connection with the world today with our phones, I believe that everyone needs some time to just get away from it all and feel free every now and then. Buckle in and enjoy this ride we call life! 
#ineedtoride #liveyourbestlife #enjoytheride #youmatter #speakup

I believe it is important to support and shop local. I create all my designs and my products are purchased and sourced locally. 
#shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #saskatchewan #canada

IN2R Clothing and Apparel. Founded in 2020 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.