IN2R Clothing and Apparel was founded by Aidan Anderson in 2020.
The brand purpose is to end the stigma surrounding mental health by getting out to enjoy life. Growing up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Aidan Anderson was your typical kid; he loved his sports and being active outdoors. That changed after going into his first year of high school when he started to experience his first real bits of anxiety. Fast forward a couple years and Anderson realized he was absolutely overwhelmed with severe anxiety and depression which had gone untreated for most of his high school years. Knowing he wasn’t the only one in the world struggling daily with their own thoughts, he was inspired to leave an impact on others living with a mental illness by creating the IN2R Brand to bring awareness to mental health built around the passion he has to get out and ride, whether it’s snowboarding, BMXing, etc.

I Need To Ride (IN2R) is about freeing your mind and getting out to enjoy life, whether that’s getting out and just going for a drive, hitting the slopes or whatever gives you a true sense of freedom. Life will always throw you ups and downs but you're not alone, let's get out and enjoy the ride together.

The brand isn’t just the logo you see on our products, it's a story being told through our logo on the exclusively designed clothing and apparel with a portion of proceeds going to support mental health initiatives.

The Original Collection by IN2R Clothing and Apparel

The Original Collection

The launch collection of the IN2R (I NEED TO RIDE) brand with the purpose of ending the stigma surrounding mental health. A portion of net proceeds goes to support mental health initiatives in Canada.

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