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The Story Behind the Brand

📺🎙️ In a captivating interview on Shaw Spotlight, Aidan Anderson, the visionary behind IN2R Clothing, revealed the deeply personal story that inspired our brand. Not only does IN2R advocate for mental health awareness, but it also promotes a healthy lifestyle and reflects Aidan's passion for extreme sports.

During the interview, Aidan passionately shared his own journey with anxiety and depression, and how his love for extreme sports became a powerful tool for healing and self-expression. This connection between mental health and an active lifestyle serves as the driving force behind IN2R Clothing.

Aidan's profound belief in the transformative power of physical activity is evident in every design and product offered by IN2R. By combining stylish streetwear with his passion for extreme sports, he aims to inspire individuals to embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle while breaking down the barriers associated with mental health.

Join us in celebrating Aidan's remarkable journey and his dedication to promoting both mental health awareness and a healthy, adventurous way of life. Together, through IN2R Clothing, we can empower individuals to live their lives to the fullest, unencumbered by the stigma of mental illness.

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Heather Black Original Hoodie - IN2R Clothing & Apparel

Look good. Feel good.

From urban vibes to chill hangs, our streetwear is your perfect fit. Rock style, feel comfy, and let's smash mental health stigma! Join us at IN2R and let's ride in style! 🚲💥 #ineed2ride #weridetogether #endthestigma

The Original Collection

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Athletic Grey Original Long Sleeve Shirt - Modeled by Dan O'Toole

Inspire Change with IN2R Fashion

Get in on the action with IN2R Clothing! Champion mental health awareness in style. From cozy hoodies to slick snapbacks, we've got your back. 🧢👕 Join us as we ride to break the stigma! #ineed2ride #IN2R #weridetogether #endthestigma

  • Navy and white Original Retro Trucker hat

    "Excellent product from a local entrepreneur, happy to support and represent!!"

    Chris May, Saskatoon, SK.

  • Heather navy Original hoodie with fleece lining and charcoal and white Original retro trucker snapback hat

    "The hoodie and t-shirt are super soft and extremely comfortable. I love my trucker hat as well. Thanks for the super fast shipping and superior product."

    Trevor Williams, Saskatoon, SK.

  • Original Black Tees

    "Thanks for the shirts guys! They fit great!"

    Glen Martens, Saskatoon, SK.

  • Heather black original hoodie and charcoal Original grey and white snapback trucker hat

    "Great quality and customer service!"

    Declan Trudel, Prince Albert, SK.

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Easy Shopping. Free Shipping.

At IN2R, we want to make it easy for you to support our mission of ending the stigma surrounding mental health. That's why we offer free shipping in Canada on all orders, so you can focus on enjoying the journey with us. Shop our fresh drops and join the movement today with ease.

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