In Honour of Fred Saskamoose

Aidan Anderson pictured with his logo design that he created for a tribute clothing line for the late Fred Sasakamoose.

Prince Albert entrepreneur designs tribute clothing for Fred Sasakamoose

Dec 8, 2020 | 5:00 PM - By Dawson Thompson,
A local entrepreneur, 19-year-old Aidan Anderson has been asked to design and distribute a tribute clothing line in honour of the late Fred Sasakamoose, who died from COVID-19 complications November 24, 2020.

Neil Sasakamoose, Fred’s son, asked Anderson to handle operations after companies in the USA started designing tribute clothing without the family’s authorization.

Anderson’s clothing company I Need 2 Ride, (IN2R) partnered with the Sasakamoose family to pay tribute to the late NHL hockey legend. Limited edition shirts, hoodies and hats will be offered that will feature a special authorized logo designed by Anderson that reflects the legacy Sasakamoose left behind.

In an interview with paNOW, Anderson explained his inspiration for the logo.

“I heard people call Fred a legend, so I thought putting ‘legends live forever’ would be perfect,” Anderson said.

Anderson was shocked when Neil Sasakamoose had reached out.

“When he presented himself as who he was and what he was looking to do, I looked at my dad and my whole face just dropped,” Anderson said. “I couldn’t really explain it. It’s a massive honour.”

Aidan’s father Scott explained what it means to them to be asked to be a part of the cause.

“It’s hard to fathom how big of a deal this really is,” Scott said. “Talking with Neil and the family, they’re really good people. It’s a neat opportunity for us to work with the family.”

Neil Sasakamoose said Anderson’s company stood out to him for being local, and what his company represents.

“Aidan uses his clothing line to help end the stigma surrounding depression and anxiety and that really resonated with our family and was in line with the values that Dad held high. We are delighted to be partnering with IN2R and Aidan, whose authenticity will be a true tribute to the legacy of Fred Sasakamoose,” Neil said.

In a press release Tuesday afternoon, Neil made the following statement:

“We know people will be looking for ways to honour Fred and we encourage them to wear this logo proudly. It represents his story and allows our Dad to continue contributing to his people and the province, even after his passing,” Neil said.

The net proceeds will be directed to the Fred Sasakamoose (Chief Thunderstick) Sports Inc., the non-profit organization that supports the Fred Sasakamoose ‘Chief Thunderstick’ National Hockey Championship, – an annual tournament in Saskatoon that attracts more than 30 First Nations men’s and women’s hockey teams from across the country.

You can find IN2R Clothing and Apparel online at

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