Ambassador Program Details

Here at IN2R Clothing & Apparel our goal is to one day be able to compete with the top brands such as Burton, FXR, Oakley, etc.

We are currently seeking highly motivated, well-spoken and hard-working Ambassadors in order to help the growth of our brand. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about riding whether it’s a BMX, Skateboard, Snowboard, Dirt bike, etc.

As an ambassador of IN2R Clothing & Apparel you must also be able to provide value to us as a brand. In order to do so you must be ambitious and have goals set for yourself, as well as goals for the brand in order to expand our vision.

Below is a quick outline of what we can offer for you:

  • 25% off all our products while working as an ambassador.
  • Personalized 10% off discount code for your followers.
  • Earn 10% commission on all sales. 
Requirements as an ambassador:
*May not have an already existing relationship with another brand/sponsor*
  • Make 2-3 social posts per week
  • Promote using your personalized discount code we give for your followers
  • Available for meetings 1-2 a week through Zoom meetings
  • Must be contactable 24/7 by email for updates, promotions, future deals, etc.
  • Have solid goals set for yourself and the brand!
If this is something that interests you and you’d like to learn more, just contact me by email at or fill out an application form here:
Aidan Anderson
IN2R Clothing & Apparel